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Can Tom Brady lead the Pats to glory this season?

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports
Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

At the conclusion of last season, Tom Brady’s New England Patriots barely missed a trip to the Super Bowl. In the AFC Championship game, the Patriots were defeated by their rivals, the Denver Broncos 26 to 16. As a new season is playing itself out, many wonder how far Brady can take his team this year. With the Patriots having one of the biggest free agent signings, Darrelle Revis, and resigning key players from last year, the Patriots are serious contenders to win the Super Bowl this year; in fact, some set the odds of this occurring at 8 to 1.

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We have just launched up the fantasy portion to our site, but fantasy football isn’t the only way to win money. Tom Brady is as good as his cast around him and that cast happens to be pretty good, but time will tell on the Patriots.

Brady has started completing just 56% in his first two games, but has also not thrown an interception. Of the NFL QB’s that have thrown at least 77 passes like Brady has, he’s the only one yet to throw an interception. The quarterback doesn’t need to be lights out all the time as proof was in the pudding at the Super Bowl when Wilson was more of a game manager.

The Patriots have gone to their old-school format of defense and run-game with Brady being a dangerous and elite compliment in game two and we’ll see if that formula works for them the entire season.

Report From Celtics Practice

The Boston Celtics are coming off consecutive wins in Atlanta and Charlotte and look to extend their winning streak on Wednesday night against the Memphis Grizzlies. They had a great practice today really meshing well as one unit and having a much stronger understanding of the tasks at hand.

Today was Avery Bradley's birthday and he didn't receive a happy birthday serenade from his teammates, but jokingly said that he is expecting and demanding it tomorrow prior to the game. Kelly Olynyk and Rajon Rondo were missing from practice today as they both were tending to their injuries and Keith Bogans was limited in practice because he is recovering from flu-like symptoms. The main focus in practice today was to find a way to beat the 7-7 Grizzlies and the Celtics feel confident that they can get the job done. Here are the keys for the Celtics to nabbing their 7th win of the season.

Don't Let the Grizzlies Control the Pace: The Boston Celtics and the Memphis Grizzlies have two different distinct ways to control the pace of the game. The Grizzlies like to slow down the pace of the game and that's how they've been successful in the past. The Celtics just need to keep the fast-paced offense going and the solid defense needs to stay intact also or the Grizzlies will take control of the game.

Don't Let Mike Conley Get Comfortable: Memphis' leading scorer Mike Conley is averaging 18.8 points per game this season. When Conley gets hot, he stays hot. Conley is the main facilitator of the Grizzlies offense and it is going to have to be a solid team effort to not let him shooting lights out all night long. Jordan Crawford, Avery Bradley, Courtney Lee and Phil Pressey will have their hands full to keep Conley in front of them on defense and don't give him any scoring chances.

Take Advantage of No Marc Gasol: The Grizzlies have lost the reigning defensive player of the year Marc Gasol indefinitely with a sprained MCL. Since Gasol's injury, the Grizzlies have given up 97.5 points per game and allowed their opponents to shoot on average 51.4 percent in those games. The Grizzlies will still put on a tough defensive game, but now that they don't have Gasol, it will be a huge advantage for the Celtics to capitalize on scoring chances.

The Boston Celtics lost their first meeting with the Grizzlies down in Memphis 95-88, but have a lot of advantages to winning this one on Wednesday because they have seen Memphis already once. The game will tip-off at 7:30pm at the TD Garden.

Joe Chancler

What to do With Stevan Ridley

After a debacle of a first half in which the New England Patriots fell behind 24-0, perhaps the more looming question in New England today is what to do with the Patriots starting running back Stevan Ridley. After letting the game set in and looking back, you have to move on. 

Is it safe to say Brady and this passing game is back? Over the past three games, Brady has thrown for 432, 296 and 344 yards. Brady has thrown for eight touchdowns and one interception. Gronkowski has had a touchdown in each of the last three games and posted 143, 59 and 90 yards in those games. You don't need Ridley's "talent" to get by anymore. 

So let's talk about the talent that Ridley so convincingly has the advantage over the rest of the running backs, or does he? The average yards per rush are as follows: Ridley 4.3; Blount 4.6; Vereen 5.6; Bolden 5.2. So how about that talent? 

Ridley has now fumbled the ball three times while rushing and one time receiving and enough is enough. He's fumbled the ball in three consecutive games and the issue is now officially in his head. Give the ball to the undrafted guys that actually rush for a higher average and don't give up the ball. 

Maybe when Ridley signed his four year, close to three million dollar deal, he should have focused on how to perfect his craft. Fumbling is sometimes based on great defensive plays, but consistent fumbling is caused by poor technique. 

If you're with me thinking of ridding the New England Patriots with Stevan Ridley, just know he's signed until 2015 when he becomes a free agent. I would consider swallowing his 777,750 dollars for next season and cutting him. He's not necessary to the success of the Patriots and that is fact.

Josh Brown