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Marshon Brooks Excited to Prove Himself as a Celtic

Newly acquired point guard Marshon Brooks looks to continue his NBA career right where it initially should have started. The former Providence standout was originally drafted by the Celtics in 2011, but was later traded for JaJuan Johnson. Brooks was part of the blockbuster trade that sent Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to the Brooklyn Nets. Marshon Brooks was swapped into the trade with the Celtics so the Nets could retain Reggie Evans.

Even though Brooks has only 2 years experience, he may be the best asset the Celtics grabbed in that trade. Brooks averaged 12.6 points in 29.4 minutes per game played in his rookie season with the Nets, which earned him NBA's All-Rookie 2nd Team. Brooks' contract isn't breaking the bank on the Celtics' salary cap because he is only owed $3.4 million for the next 2 seasons.

Marshon Brooks will have competition all around him to back up Rajon Rondo coming off the bench, but his great consistent scoring on a nightly basis will pay huge dividends to a now young Celtics team. Brooks came into the press conference when he was introduced wearing a green tie and a pair of green socks underneath his suit. He is very excited to be part of a historic franchise.

The green? I love the green, I love what it stands for. It's a great feeling, even when I was just walking through the hall to go talk to Mr. Ainge, just seeing all of the greats while you're walking through the hallways. If you really believe in yourself and you walk by and see Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Bill Russell, it gives you the extra oomph before you go shoot. It's great man.

With all of his great scoring numbers and a positive speech at the press conference, I'm just as excited to have him here with the Celtics.

Joe Chancler