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Gerald Wallace Will Benefit From a Fresh Start

Gerald Wallace is working very hard at camp and trying to forget the rough performance he played last year with the Brooklyn Nets. It seems like all throughout his career that he has been playing on a rebuilding team except in Brooklyn last year. Wallace is no longer a Brooklyn Net and is now playing for the most storied franchise in the NBA with the Celtics. This move for Wallace could actually be the best thing to happen to him to get his career back on track.

The Brooklyn Nets didn't really have any plans on their agenda for Wallace to succeed. The Nets were mostly accommodating Deron Williams, Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson with their best strengths. This left Wallace in a spot where he was mainly just shooting perimeter and 3-point shots, which is an area where he isn't at his strongest. The Celtics have a much different offensive strategy that will allow Wallace to run the floor more freely and get him better opportunities to score as opposed to letting him sit on the perimeter.

Brad Stevens is setting up an up-tempo style of play for this young Celtics team and this should be a huge plus for Gerald Wallace. In order to sun a successful up-tempo style of basketball, you need a very athletic player. Wallace has tremendous athleticism that has led him to an All-Star appearance and a All-Defensive first team award in 2010. Wallace had two slam-dunk appearances in his career as well. Running in transition effectively will be critical in the up-tempo style of basketball and Wallace should have a field day in this area.

Gerald Wallace will have a much better chance at getting all of his strong talents back because Rajon Rondo will be running the offense. I admit that Deron Williams is really good point guard, but he is very different from Rondo. Williams was shooting the ball more often than he passed the ball and Rondo passes more than he shoots. Rondo is very clever in learning his teammates' tendencies and sets them up perfectly for success. Wallace is going to really enjoy playing alongside Rondo because he will be getting great looks for easy baskets and will be primed to have a great season offensively.

Going on the assumption that Jeff Green will be the starting small forward for the Celtics, it isn't a bad thing that Gerald Wallace may have to come off the bench. The sixth man role on the Celtics is currently up in the air, but it could scream Wallace's name in the near future. It could work out well for Wallace because it would be a tough matchup putting him against players like Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant. Wallace is definitely a great small forward in the right situations and getting him first off the bench against lesser talent could help him strive in that role.

This fresh start for Gerald Wallace just may be the best thing to happen to him as he makes his transition from Brooklyn to Boston. The expectations for Wallace won't be overwhelming and the Celtics have him primed to be a successful acquisition.

Joe Chancler