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Celtics Draft Talk; Giannis Adetokunbo

This particular player from Greece didn't work out for the Celtics at all during the pre-draft workouts, but Danny Ainge had his eyes on him during the course of the regular season. Giannis Adetokunbo is only 18 years old and it could take some time for him to develop at a high level, let alone the NBA level after playing in Under-20 leagues in Europe.

Adetokunbo is a very versatile defender with a large wingspan. His large body has the capability to defend even the power forwards and his quickness can defend small forwards making him a great all-around defender. He flys down the floor very well on the fast breaks and can adjust from defense to offense very quickly without missing a beat.

Adetokunbo often doesn't know where he is supposed to be offensively making it difficult for his teammates to find an open shot for him. He isn't able to create openings for his teammates either and cannot find any way to give himself an open shot. These lack of offensive skills could hurt any team in the long haul without the appropriate training for the NBA.

Adetokunbo is currently signed with a team in Spain, but is trying to get out of the contract so he can land one in the NBA. On top of that, the NBA has a age restriction where players have to be 19 years old to play in the league. If the Celtics drafted him, he wouldn't even be able to particpate on the team until he turns 19 in December as the team continues to adjust for another playoff run. So the question for the NBA is; Get them to the Greek? I'd say wait until he is legally able to drink in America, then we'll talk.

Joe Chancler